Thursday, September 5, 2013

Princess Week: Sensory Play

What Princess Week would be complete without a Royal Tea Party?

We started the morning with some pancakes (I used bottle cap letters to spell the word "pancake" so she could see that it started with the letter p), then moved to the playroom to look at her calendar and see what was in the Mystery Bag.

We read the two books (What Is a Princess? and OP book from My First Bob Books), then talked about what the cookie cutter and birthday candles could be used for.

We immediately pulled out her basket with several colors of play-doh, princess cookie cutters (glass slipper, castle and crown), a circle cookie cutter, a small cookie spatula, a small rolling pin, and beads and birthday candles for decorating.

She got right to work flattening the dough and cutting out different shapes. She added some birthday candles first, then added the different pink and purple beads to decorate the cookies.

When she was finished decorating (which took quite some time - she was very thorough), she preheated her oven and put the baking sheet in to bake the cookies.

While the cookies were in the oven, we took out her new Minnie Teapot Set and the table setting placemat I printed from Simply Fresh Designs. We worked together on the first place setting, adding a large plate, napkin, spoon, knife, fork, glass and cup and saucer. She then went around the table and set out the remaining dishes.

We put her flowers in the middle of the table, along with the teapot, milk and sugar. 

We got the cookies out of the oven, and she decided which cookies would be best for each of her "friends." She also poured tea and lemonade for each of her guests. She was really proud of herself when everyone was served!

After the tea party she wanted to read a story about princesses. We read "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" from Grimm's Fairy Tales - (Free Kindle Version), followed by "The Princess and the Frog." She followed along with her princess sticker set (can you see the princess standing by the well?).

She noticed the Letter P box when she was putting her princess stickers away, and took it out long enough to look at all of the objects. (She's making a face because I "stole" some of Daddy's pistachios to put in her box!)

After lunch and rest time, we went to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients for our Fairy Tale Cookbook meals. While I baked Snow White's Poison Apples (that we'll eat tomorrow), M baked a cake for me in her kitchen. Isn't it beautiful??

I bought an orange to use the zest in a recipe, and M wanted to taste it. I cut it into quarters for her to eat, but she started squeezing the juice out on her tray. I figured if she was going to juice it she might as well do it right, so I gave her my hand juicer and showed her how to squeeze the juice into a glass. This was a huge (messy) hit!

We wrapped up the day with some of Strega Nona's pasta. I don't have the book, so we watched this PBS Video instead.

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