Practical Life

Practical Life Activities

Listed below are links to Practical Life activities that we have done in our home. Some are traditional Montessori works, while others are Montessori-inspired activities that work on similar skills. These activities are generally suitable for ages 2-6, although you'll need to observe your own child to determine the best fit for them. I will keep adding to this list as we go, and hopefully it will be helpful to others as a general list of ideas. Some activities will not be suitable for younger children, like those that involve small objects or sharp tools like scissors or knives. Know your own child and use your best judgement when choosing activities!

Grace and Courtesy

Rolling a Rug
Walking the Line

Care of Self

Washing Hands
Tooth Brushing

Care of Environment

Setting the Table

Whole Hand 

Three Finger Grasp


Wrist Turning


Food Preparation


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