Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh, Baby!

I have been very inconsistent with blog posts lately - and with good reason! We're so excited to have another girl coming this spring! We have spent a lot of time over the past few months talking about babies and how the new baby will affect M. She is thrilled to be a big sister!

She almost always has at least one "baby" with her at all times. She loves telling us about all of her children and how she takes care of them. She puts them to bed, feeds them (only milk for babies!), and carries them around to soothe them when they are crying.

She comes with us to all of my midwife appointments, and likes to listen to the baby's heartbeat. We talk about how my weight is changing and why they monitor my blood pressure at each appointment. The midwives are fantastic with her, and ask her if she has any questions too!

I bought a fetal doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat between appointments, and M got a real kick out of listening to it through the headphones.

I found a video on YouTube (The Miracle of Human Creation) that M watches over and over and over. She likes watching what's happening to the baby in mommy's belly. We talk about what's happening in the video and how the baby changes over time as it develops. It gives us the opportunity to talk about a variety of topics - the purpose of the heart, nerve cells, DNA, how cells divide, etc.

I'm really excited that she got a Nabi 2 for Christmas so she can stop stealing my phone to watch her favorite video!

Babywearing has been a big part of our lives since M was born. I started out wearing her in a Sleepywrap (similar to a Moby - now called a Boba Wrap) and a BabyHawk Mei Tai. As she has gotten older I upgraded to woven wraps (Didymos and Dolcino are two common brands), which are much more versatile and comfortable for larger babies and toddlers. We talk a lot about how mommy will carry the new baby in wraps. M was very jealous when we visited my cousin and I carried my cousin's new baby in one of her wraps. I have given M lots of opportunities for big girl cuddles lately so she knows she's not being replaced. I may even need to learn to tandem wrap so I can occasionally carry both of them!

There are big changes in our future, but I hope to continue to pursue our goals in homeschooling M. My personal goal for this year is to try to become more consistent with my posts so I can keep track of everything that is happening in our lives. I hope you'll stick around to see all of the fun we're having!

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