Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Japan, Jumping, Jello and the Letter J

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I chose the letter "J" to go along with our Asia theme for the week (J for Japan). Most of our focus for the week was on China because of the Chinese New Year, but we did talk a little about Japan, found it on the globe and read K is for Kabuki: A Japan Alphabet.

We started with some basic activities. M traced her sandpaper j, and we looked at all of the j objects in her sound bag. I always put out the salt box for her to practice tracing, but she's not a big fan of using it (I don't think she likes the texture of the salt). She used her dot markers again to "trace" a capital and lower case J (these came from 3 Dinosaurs - they have tons of free printables!).

Since the weather was nice, we headed outside for some J fun - JUMPING! We drew a hopscotch board on the driveway and practiced jumping on one foot. I also wrote out the alphabet all around the driveway. I would call out a letter or letter sound and we would race to see who could find and jump on the letter first.

J is for Jello
This was a semi-success (I'm trying to see the glass half full - haha). M loved making the Jello. She helped measure, pour and mix the water into the Jello mix. She patiently waited while the Jello set in the fridge, and she attempted to cut out shapes from the Jello. I apparently should have done a little more research (I'm not much into Jello, and didn't realize it would be so difficult...) because our Jello wasn't firm enough to cut into shapes, and we couldn't get it out of the dish. So... it turned into more of a sensorial activity - jiggly jello!

I salvaged some of the Jello to eat, and scooped the rest into a big jiggly pile for M to play with. She held pieces in her fingers, tasted it, smelled it, and scooped it around with her spoon. Then I wrote the letter J (capital and lower case) on a piece of paper and let her scoop Jello onto the paper to make Jello J's.

This was obviously not a project we could save, so we also made a Jeweled J for M's alphabet book.

Make sure you check out the rest of our Around the World Journey and the other letters we've explored! Stop by soon to follow along with us!

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  1. Adorable! Love all your activities, especially the sounds bag. Thank you for sharing. Pinned.