Wednesday, July 22, 2015

13 Months

What's My Toddler Doing?

I decided to start a new series of posts with observations of my toddler. (Toddler??!! Can that be right??) She is 13 months now, and is a little ball of energy. She is gaining new skills every day, so I will use these posts to record pictures and observations of what she has been up to for the past month.

Gross Motor

  • Opening and closing cabinets and drawers (including pulling things out, and occasionally putting things in)
  • Walking on all different surfaces - indoor and outdoor (looking for challenges)
  • Sitting in chairs (climbing on and off)
  • Climbing (step ladders, stairs, piles of gravel, moving boxes to assist in climbing onto the bed)

Fine Motor

  • Putting objects in containers
  • Picking up small objects (many of which go into the mouth)
  • Turning pages of books (finally not purposely destroying them)
  • Opening and closing containers
  • Inserting one object into another (egg in cup, object permanence box, knobbed cylinders, puzzles)
  • Tracing shapes with finger (knobbed cylinder)


  • Words - dada, mama, dog, hi
  • Signs - more, eat, all done
  • Starting to look at pictures in books
  • "Asks" questions - holding up objects, pointing 

Practical Life

  • Interest in clothes - pulling clothes out of the drawer, attempting to put on clothes, helping to get undressed, tries to put on shoes, undoes velcro
  • Eating - sits at the table (child-sized), eats mainly finger foods, attempting to use a spoon, drinks from a sippy cup or straw
  • Hygiene - rubs hands together to wash hands, holds (and bites on) toothbrush, attempts to brush hair, enjoys baths and showers
  • Potty - introduced potty seat, learning to sit on it, talking about potty and teaching sign, peed and pooped once (purely accidental, I'm sure, but it saved a diaper!)
  • Sleep - sleeps on a toddler bed that she can climb in and out of on her own


  • Exploring textures - indoor and outdoor
  • Adventurous palette - will eat just about anything (except sweet potato...)
  • Loves splashing in water (bath/shower, pool, dog's water bowl) 
  • Dances to music, plays instruments (including xylophone and bells)

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