Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Florida Update #5 - Downtown Disney

Wednesday Night

We clearly don't know how to rest, because we spent the evening of our "rest day" at Downtown Disney! We were going to make reservations for dinner, but everything was booked by the time we called (whoops!). We ended up at Bonefish Grill, which was really really good! I was actually glad that we couldn't get reservations for anything else because the food here was amazing - I will definitely be visiting the one by our house when we get home!

After dinner we walked through Downtown Disney. We brought the stroller so M could rest. The Disney Store was unbelievable! There was room after room of Disney merchandise - stuffed animals, princess dresses, shirts, photo albums, jewelry, cookie cutters, towels... you name it, there was a Disney version! Somehow we managed to escape with just a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and t-shirt. I think it was just too overwhelming to pick anything else!

We also explored the Lego Store, which was also amazing. They had huge Lego sculptures all around the store, and had Disney themed duplo and Lego sets. We ended up with a Little Mermaid Duplo set that M loves! It comes complete with Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, a swing, and a slide!

We stopped in the Ghirardelli store for a free chocolate (yum!), then wandered around streets until M fell asleep. It was around 10pm when we finally left. Next time we will make reservations earlier and try the Dine in Theaters (where you can eat dinner in the movie theater while watching a show). Other than the Lego Store, I'm not sure there's really much here for a toddler (and even that wasn't overly exciting for M). Unless you have time to waste, this could be skipped.

Ready for Universal tomorrow!

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