Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Florida Update #7 - Pool Day 2


We had originally planned on doing 3 days at Universal (they had a "buy 2 get 1 day free" promotion), but we found out that the promotion ended the week before. It was a blessing in disguise - I don't think any of us were complaining about having an extra day to stay at the hotel!

We checked the hotel schedule, and saw that they were having a reptile show at 2pm and a Hawaiian Luau dinner and show that evening. We spent the morning by the pool, and I even got to take a break while my husband and dad watched M swim!

We took a break for lunch at the restaurant by the pool again. M drew pictures of Mickey while we waited for our food.

The reptile show was in the same area as the restaurant. It wasn't what I was expecting - I thought they would allow the kids to touch some of the animals - but it was still interesting. The speaker was from Gatorland, and brought a tarantula, scorpion, ball python, monitor, alligator, and 6 week old baby alligator.

I even learned a few new facts. Did you know that most lizards can't run and breathe at the same time? We met Mac the Monitor (get it? haha) who is a great predator because he can breathe while chasing prey - cool!

We also learned that it's a myth that you should run zig-zag's if you're running away from an alligator. Alligator's bodies are much more flexible than ours, and they are better able to turn than we are. He said you are more likely to fall and much better off running in a straight line until the gator gives up. The good news? As long as people don't feed wild alligators, they won't be interested in humans! (And that's why you can get a hefty fine for feeding wild gators in Florida!)

Later that evening we went to the Hawaiian Luau. They had a special menu with Hawaiian BBQ and Mahi Mahi (plus pineapple chicken and rice for the kiddos). We each got a flower lei and listened to a live band during dinner. They had a show with hula dancers and a flame thrower, but M was too tired to stick around. It was another fun filled day!

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