Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PL - Washing a Doll

Washing a Doll

In preparation for her new role as a big sister, we bought a new baby doll for M to take care of. She has an incredible number of stuffed animals, but doesn't have many actual dolls. I bought this Waterbabies doll specifically because it could go in the tub.

I set up a bath station with a bowl of water, a small cup, a baby bathtub (which could be substituted with any shallow tub or pan), a washcloth, and a small towel. I demonstrated how to use the cup to get water from the bowl and pour it over the baby doll to get her wet, use the washcloth to wash the baby, rinse her with more water, and then dry her with the small towel. We didn't use any soap, but that could definitely be added as an extension. You could also demonstrate how to wash hair if you have a doll with hair.

This was a huge success - I can't tell you how many times this doll took a bath! This would be easy to do in the real bathtub, or as an outdoor activity to minimize the possibility of a mess.

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