Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 15

Kindergarten Week 15

This week we started back at co-op! M worked on the hundred board, golden bead operations, handwriting, reading, and learned about concrete.

Day 61 - Tuesday

Co-op started back today!! M was really excited to see her friends (and meet some new friends!). Since it was our first day back, we didn't put out all of the materials and had some options that we wouldn't normally have available (blocks, play-doh, etc) to ease the kids back into the routine.

M spent a good portion of the morning working with the hundred board. She is still working on sequential counting, and gets stuck sometimes at the end of a row (what comes after 29, what comes after 39), so this was good practice for her.

She also spent some time relaxing at the play-doh table and catching up with friends. :)

On the ride home, she flipped through an old reader that my dad gave her (it had been his when he was a kid!). There were a lot of words that she was not familiar with, so it was definitely a lesson in reading AND history! As we were driving down the road I heard her say, "As old as WHAT?" She had to spell the word out to me, and we figured out that it was talking about Methuselah, the Old Testament patriarch who was said to have lived to be 969 years old. (We read all about it when we got home.)

Day 62 - Wednesday

We're continuing handwriting work using the sand tray. Today M chose to use a wooden stylus (from her scratch off books) instead of writing with her finger. She reviewed g, s and e. We're mainly working on letter formation, and making sure she's starting the letter at the correct place and avoiding reversals. 

She also spent some more time on golden bead addition, and chose to record her work in her Math Journal today. The journal is just a wide-lined composition notebook that I drew lines in to create boxes for the addends and sum. 

Day 63 - Thursday

Co-op Day 2 was another success. I love that the kids are able to have this experience - it's like the best of both worlds, in my opinion. We get all the benefits of homeschooling, but also the opportunity for that classroom environment and time to work with other kids their age.

M chose a variety of different work - parts of a fish, reading books, golden beads, and more. I think she liked the opportunity to show off everything she has been working on with the golden beads lately, and to be challenged by working with an older friend.


Day 64 - Friday

We spent the day at the new property to watch the concrete pour for our garage. We were there when the truck arrived, and M was able to see how the wet concrete was pumped through the hose into the frame on the ground, and then the workers leveled and smoothed it before letting it dry.

When she had seen enough, we drove down to the pond and spent time looking at plants and watching the minnows swim around at the edge of the water.

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