Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 14

Kindergarten Week 14

This week we worked on handwriting, golden bead formation of numbers and addition, art, PE, Spanish, geometry, and history.

Day 57 - Sunday

Reading, reading, reading. Writing, writing, writing. That's what's happening in our home right now! M is working on perfecting her lower case letters, and she likes this new Frozen printing practice board (from the Target Dollar Spot).

M had her 5th Birthday Party (Frozen themed, of course!) on Saturday. Elsa and Anna made an appearance to join the fun, and several friends spent the night camping outside the cabin by the pond in our new neighborhood. She was so fortunate to receive lots of gifts from family and friends, and she started writing thank you notes right away!

Day 58 - Monday

More golden beads practice for math. We're focusing on two-digit numbers to practice counting tens (one-ten, two-tens, three-tens rather than ten, twenty, thirty to help her make the connection with the numeral cards). 

She's slowly making her way through the stack of thank you cards. I have a feeling she will get LOTS of writing practice over the next few weeks!

This week was basketball at PE. M said it wasn't her favorite because she needs more practice learning to dribble the ball.

She made it a little more than half way up the rock wall. She's going to need a growth spurt so her arms and legs are long enough to reach all the grips - haha!

After PE, we headed out to the pond for art. M got a nice set of art journals and watercolor pencils (Amazon affiliate link) for her birthday. We spent the afternoon testing different methods of sketching and painting with the pencils.

Day 59 - Tuesday

Today we went to the Magic Tree House traveling exhibit at the Upstate History Museum. This exhibit was FANTASTIC! They had interactive displays, complete with costumes and props, for three of the Magic Tree House series books - Thanksgiving on Thursday, Civil War on Sunday, and Twister on Tuesday. M loves these books, and we have read several in the series. She spent literally hours exploring the exhibits, and got to take home one of the books (she chose Twister on Tuesday). 

When we got home, we read through the entire book in one sitting! She loved reading about the one room school house, and got out her small chalkboard and copied part of the lines Annie had to copy in the story.

Day 60 - Friday

We're moving along with more Golden Beads practice. Today M wanted to work on addition. I made simple cardstock addition cards, and she used her beads to build the two addends and find the sum. She did a combination of static (no exchanges necessary) and dynamic (requiring exchanges) problems.

Next, she pulled out her box of sandpaper letters for writing practice. She chose to trace the letters in her sand tray.

After working on letters for a bit, she grabbed her basket of geometric solids, and decided to roll them around in the sand. She explored for a while and discovered that different solids make different shapes and paths when rolled. Explorations like this will create a great foundation for future math (like seeing that a cylinder creates a rectangular path when rolled).

We drove to the library for a new Spanish class that a local mom is teaching. The first class was a lot of fun! The kids made paper bag puppets and used the puppets to practice making introductions.

We wrapped up the day with an evening bike ride around the apartment complex. Lots of great exercise and practice balancing on her balance bike (Amazon affiliate link).

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