Friday, August 14, 2015

Week 11

Kindergarten Week 11

Day 46 - Monday

M has been cycling back to some work she already mastered (mainly Practical Life and Sensorial) because her little sister is showing interest. H (15 months) likes to carry the heavy brown stair prisms across the room, so M decided to demonstrate the *proper* use of the brown stair.

The weather has been gorgeous, and we've been taking every opportunity to explore the property where we're building our new house. M loves splashing along the edge of the pond, watching the fish swim by, and looking for butterflies and dragonflies.

And, of course, we're taking all the opportunities to learn about house construction! We spent a long time watching the crane pick up and place the trusses for our roof.

Day 47 - Tuesday

Obviously watching the house construction is having an impact! M spent a long time building all kinds of elaborate buildings and cities with her blocks and arches.

Day 48 - Wednesday

M has been wanting to learn to tell time, so we're working with the Golf Tee Clock from Livable Learning. We started with the hour hand only to practice reading full hours on the clock, then moved on to the minute hand. She transferred each of the golf tees (which are numbered 1-60) from the tray to the clock to count minutes after the hour. This is a great combo math/history/PL activity. Once the tees are on the clock, she can practice moving the minute hand to point to different times.

M also spent a long time working with her new PinIt! Maps World Map Set. These maps are so much fun! She loves the little flags, and she gets some reading practice as she matches the labels on the flags with the control map. She also practiced pointing to the continents while she sang The Continent Song.

We headed back out to the property for an afternoon of art journaling. After exploring a bit, she decided that she wanted to paint a butterfly. I helped her to carefully catch a couple of butterflies to observe in her tank. She used her watercolor paints to paint the butterflies in her journal.

Day 49 - Friday

On Friday, we did an art lesson and reviewed some of the artists we learned about over the past year with the Meet the Masters curriculum. I gave M a set of 3 part cards with a famous painting and the name of each artist. She matched the pictures first as we talked about the artists, then tried matching the artist names to the paintings and checked with the control cards.

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