Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 12

Kindergarten Week 12

Day 50 - Monday

M is very much still on a reading kick. She says she enjoys math, but doesn't usually choose math work on her own. We have tried a few different things, including introducing this math journal, to make the math work a little more fun for her. Today, I wrote addition problems on cardstock strips and she used her colored bead bars to find the sums. She copied the problems into her math journal.

Next, she read through all of the Waseca readers I have made so far. I printed these free blackline masters from their website and bound them into booklets with my comb binder (Amazon affiliate link). I really love these readers because they are phonetic, but also nonfiction and have great facts about plants, animals and biomes.

M spent some time working on her Usborne "Around the World" sticker book (Amazon affiliate link). This book is really well designed because it describes the clothing and has some information about the people you are dressing and where they are from. When I bought this, I was hoping it was like the Melissa and Doug cling "stickers" that can be reused, but that isn't the case. I did cut out the clothing labels from the sticker sheet and backed them on little strips of red paper so she could read them and label the clothing after she had dressed all the people on the page. We'll definitely buy more books in this series!

We're continuing to work our way through The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. Have I mentioned how much I love this book? It makes us both feel so confident! This lesson reviewed "oi" and "ow" sounds.

Day 51 - Wednesday

On Wednesday we went on a field trip to Paris Mountain State Park. M had a great time exploring with her friends. Park Ranger Cathy pointed out lots of interesting insects along the way, and the kids were given nets to try to catch some aquatic life to inspect under the microscopes back in the classroom.

Along the hike, we saw lots of different types of fungi and moss. M liked these in particular.

We took time to play with friends after the program was over.

Day 52 - Friday

We wrapped up the week with an Herb Fairies meeting, followed by a group trip to the Kroc Center for swimming and team sports. We were studying calendula and read the book "Cally's Summer Extravaganza" (Amazon affiliate link). We made a calendula and lavender milk bath and tasted some tea.  

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