Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 13

Kindergarten Week 13

Day 53 - Monday

M pulled out her basket of geometric solids, so we reviewed the names of each of the solids and used the labels to read and match with each solid. Since it was clear that she knew them all, I sent her on an object hunt around the apartment to see if she could find something to match each solid. She was able to find most of them, but a few were definitely tricky! We couldn't find a square-based pyramid, so she decided to mold one out of play-doh.

M randomly asked about even and odd numbers, so I took out her unit beads and showed her how she could arrange the beads in pairs as she counted them to determine if the quantity was even or odd. She laid out the quantities one through nine, then told me whether each was even or odd.

She took out her PinIt! Maps Landform Map and started looking for the land and water forms. When she got to "glacier" she remembered that we had seen glaciers on our trip to Alaska, so she pulled out our photo book to look through the pictures. I love when she makes connections like that!

That afternoon was her first day of Homeschool PE. She was so excited because some of her older friends were in the class last year, and she was old enough this year to enroll! The class is two hours, and includes a team sport, rock wall or outdoor playground (or game room, depending on the weather), and swim time. They played soccer the first week, and M had a great time!

Day 54 - Tuesday

The new Magic School Bus Kit arrived! This kit was all about water. We've done lots of water experiments in the past, so I was excited to see that this included some new experiments we hadn't tried before, like dissolving substances and separating colors using capillary action.

Day 55 - Wednesday

M spent more time with her PinIt! Maps, especially the landform map. Today she used play-doh and water beads in a baking pan to make models of different land and water forms as she found them on the map. Her favorite, of course, was the waterfall!

Day 56 - Thursday

I've been encouraging lots of practice with the golden beads, and M is getting much more confident with building quantities, identifying and naming numerals, and completing addition problems independently.

Here she's using the operation mat to build two quantities to add together.

She was back on the PinIt! Maps world map to find all of the oceans and seas.

Then she took out the set of Children Around the World cards (free!) and found where the children were from on her talking globe (Amazon affiliate link). After she located their country, she learned information about that country, such as the language spoken, national anthem, and weather.

She told me that the little girl from India was so beautiful, and she wanted to tie her play silks to look like her sari.

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