Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fire Fighter Birthday Box

I pulled together another Birthday Box for a friend of M's. This particular friend is obsessed with firemen. He even had his birthday party at the fire station!

Fire Fighter Birthday Box

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pretend Play
I couldn't resist these. There aren't very many boy-friendly toys like this, so I thought it was really neat to find one that had lots of different options like a firefighter, police man, superhero, and more.

Fire Engine Golden Book

Wash the Fire Truck
Every firefighter-in-training needs practice washing the fire truck. And what better to wash with than a dalmatian sponge?

Firefighter Matching Cards
A deck of matching cards can be used in so many ways - matching, memory games, learning new words, or cut the bottom off one of each pair to make 3-part cards. I found these free printable flashcards on Pinterest.

Fire Truck Puzzle
This puzzle came from Homeschool Creations' Firemen Printable Pack. I printed two copies so I could cut one and leave the other together as a guide. I thought 16 squares was a little challenging for a 3 year old, so it would probably be best to use it as a matching game first - cover the full picture with the cut out pieces - or at least have the picture as a guide when completing the puzzle.

Firefighter Board Game
This board game also came from the Fireman Printable Pack (there are several different parts with different levels of activities). I threw in an over sized die and some foam "beads" to use as playing pieces.

Fire Station Birthday Party

Are you sure I'm supposed to be up here?!?

What a smart idea for a birthday party! M loved seeing the fireman put on all the gear, and watching the firemen slide down the pole in the middle of the station.

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