Monday, August 19, 2013

Train Activity Box

The final birthday of the summer (other than M's) was for a train-obsessed friend of M. His favorite show is Chuggington. Through this whole process I have learned that most mainstream stores only carry kids toys related to the few most popular TV shows/movies, and it is very difficult to find generic toys not related to specific characters. I had good luck at Mast General, and if I wasn't on a tight schedule I'm sure I could have found things online. Still, I was happy with how the box turned out.

Practical Life

Train Lacing Card
I found this basic train outline by searching Google images, printed it and backed it on cardstock. I punched holes around the outside and included a lacing string.


Train Whistle
This whistle from OP Taylor's can be used for pretend train rides, or for sound activities.

Train Stickers
There are so many uses for stickers - decorating drawings, matching or sorting different types of stickers based on shapes or colors, or matching stickers with corresponding train toys.


Train Stencils
Stencils are a great pre-writing activity. This stencil book from Mast General Store has six pre-cut stencils of different train cars, so it can also be used to compare different types of cars, shapes, sizes, etc.

The Little Engine that Could
The classic original version from Mast General Store

Chugger 3-Part Cards
I made these 3-part cards with the blank Montessori template that I have used before and pictures of the Chuggington characters I found on Google images. I backed and laminated the cards, then put them in a pencil case with some ideas for using the cards (memory / concentration cards, matching).





Pattern Matching Trains (Cars)
I found this "Car'd" Game on Toddler Approved (where you can find the free printable templates). I colored the templates, laminated them, and punched a hole in the corner of each card so I could put them all on a key ring. I knew that M's friend already had a ton of trains of various colors to use with this activity.

Train Puzzle
I printed two copies of this clip art train, and cut one of the pictures into nine "puzzle" pieces. The full picture could be used as a background to match the puzzle pieces, as a guide to help assemble the puzzle, or can be put away for more of a challenge.

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